Where to go during the Feast of Sacrifice(Kurban Bayram)? Places to visit during the Feast of Sacrifice

The Feast of Sacrifice holiday offers you an indispensable opportunity to get away from the noise and crowds of the city. You can get together with your family and friends during the holiday and make a small travel plan to the unique corners of Turkey. So where to go during the Feast of Sacrifice holiday? Where are the places to visit during the Feast of Sacrifice? We have compiled all the answers you are curious about for you…

With July, the most joyful month of the summer season, holiday plans began to gain momentum. Especially with  the Feast of Sacrifice,  which starts on  Wednesday, June 28, a beautiful travel route that lasts until Tuesday, July 2  can be drawn. On the Feast of Sacrifice, which offers a unique option to leave the stress of the whole year behind and spend time with our loved ones, we can either embrace the trio of sea, sand, and sun or enjoy the lush forest seas. If you are looking for places where you can find peace with your family and friends for a few days, do not worry. This article is just for you for a magnificent holiday route from the Aegean to the Black Sea! Let’s systematically explore the places that must be visited on the Feast of Sacrifice this year.




Yedigöller National Park, which resembles a forest sea, is in Bolu. Yedigöller, which was declared a national park in 1965, took its name with the formation of 7 lakes because of landslides.  Large, Small, Deep, Cool, Nazlı, Reedlı, and İnce lakes; It forms the Seven Lakes. In the Seven Lakes, which we come across with a different beauty every season; Various trees such as linden, fir, yellow pine, beech, oak, and hornbeam are located. Offering a visual feast to its visitors with its rich forest cover, Yedigöller creates a tremendous holiday route for those who want to leave themselves in the embrace of nature and green during the Feast of Sacrifice. When you come here, you can take a peaceful and quiet walk on the paths between the lakes. You can also camp in Yedigöller, which has a wonderful beauty where you can take plenty of photos.




Cunda Island, which hosts colourful streets, is the peace point of the Aegean. Cunda Island, located in Balıkesir, is in the 4th century of the Aegean Sea. It has the feature of being a large island.If you want to spend a magnificent Eid holiday with its highly appreciated restaurants with its delicious cuisine, historical houses of Greek heritage, and clear sea in the blue; You should definitely look at Cunda Island.You can have a calm and peaceful holiday on Cunda Island, where you will say hello to the day with a Turkish coffee with a drop of gum. At the same time, you can cool off in the azure waters and lie down on the bright sandy beach under the sun. Cunda Island will be a great choice to spend pleasant times with your family.



If you want your stomach to feast on the Feast of Sacrifice, let us take you on a small journey to Hatay.  In Hatay, which embraces a rich history, you can have a holiday where you will say hello to both a cultural and visual feast. In Hatay, which has a very rich cuisine, we definitely recommend you try fellah meatballs, künefe, pepper bread, icli köfte, and zucchini dessert. Natural beauties are also interesting in Hatay, which will warm you with its hot climate. Hatay, which arouses admiration with its deep blue sea, is an important port city in the Mediterranean Region. Natural beauties are also interesting in Hatay, which will warm you with its hot climate. Hatay, which arouses admiration with its deep blue sea, is an important port city in the Mediterranean Region.



With its white beach and turquoise clear waters, Salda Lake is perfect for those who want to be in touch with nature during the Feast of Sacrifice. Salda Lake, one of the rare beauties of the Mediterranean Region, is in the Yeşilova district of Burdur.  This natural beauty, called “Turkey’s Maldives“, also has the feature of being the deepest lake in Turkey with a depth of 185 meters.Salda Lake is a great holiday route where you can find peace during the holiday with the refreshing feeling of the eye-catching blue waters!



Sapanca, where you can go even for a day during the holiday with its close location to Istanbul, is in Sakarya. Sapanca, which attracts attention with its biodiversity, is one of the best choices for nature lovers.If you plan to come here during the holidays, you can enjoy the tranquility on the hiking trail on the shore of the lake or dine against the view in the surrounding restaurants. In addition, you can swim in Sapanca Lake and  if you are interested in water sports, you can also benefit from this opportunity. You can also consider having a different experience by staying in bungalow hotels around Sapanca Lake.



The “Valley of the Butterflies”, which contains more than 80 butterfly species,  is located in Muğla. If you are fascinated by natural beauties, we recommend you to go to the Butterfly Valley during the holidays. You can enjoy the sea in the Butterfly Valley, which will be enthroned in your heart with unique tones of blue, and you can embrace pleasant times after a busy year.



Rize, the pearl of the Eastern Black Sea, comes up with a beauty that amazes those who see it with its lush nature!

If you want to cool off and refresh a little in the hot days of the summer months, you can make your holiday against the insatiable view of Rize.

You can have a quiet holiday in Rize, where local and foreign tourists flock, and visit its historical castles. At the same time, if you are interested in adrenaline sports; You can experience rafting in Storm Valley.


In Rize, which is a complete tourism center, you can sip your tea after the walk that is an oxygen tank in Ayder Plateau.

Wherever you decide to go, it is certain that you will find peace in the unique beauties of our country!

Happy Holidays.


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