What is Title Deed Allocation Document?

As it is known, many years ago, when many people migrated from the village to the city, they started to sit in public lands by making night landings. In the 1980s, people who built night places on public lands were given title deed allocation certificates by the state. People who had these documents, although they did not own the land of public, only had the right to use the house in which they lived. Persons who have a title deed allocation certificate can live and rent in their houses built illegally. There is nothing wrong with this. Holders of title deed allocation certificates have been given until May 31, 2023, to obtain the ownership of the house in question, that is, the title deed. At the end of this period, the possibility of converting title deed allocations into title deeds will disappear.

Can the real estate with the Title Deed Allocation Certificate be transferred?

The issue of the transfer of real estate with a title deed allocation certificate has been a much-discussed issue. Real estate, which is a title deed allocation certificate, passes to its heirs with the same rights after the right owner dies. That’s fine.

It is not possible to transfer the real estate with the title deed allocation certificate before the title deed. It is known that some real estate in this situation transfer between people with contracts made in the presence of a notary public or in other ways. However, the person who has the title deed allocation certificate may sell this document to 3.4.5. persons with the same methods if he wishes. The last buyer can also take over himself by performing the necessary official transactions and turning the title deed allocation document into a deed. When such a situation is encountered, those who receive or receive the title deed allocation certificate for the first time do not have a say in the ownership of the real estate. People who want to buy real estate in this way should take these issues into consideration and be more careful not to experience a negative result.

Conversion of Title Deed Allocation Documents into Title Deed

Title deed allocation documents can be converted into title deeds because of fulfilling the necessary conditions and applying to the relevant authorities. First, if the title deed allocation document in question is within the boundaries of the affected area, it should apply to the municipalities and in other areas to the governorships. We can list the things that need to be done before the application as follows:

  • A reclamation master plan or master plan must have been applied to the land where the real estate is located, and the land must be converted into independent parcels.
  • The land in question should not be within the tourism zone, within an area allocated to TCDD, within the military zone, and within the expropriation of highways.
  • Since the purpose here is to enable low-income people to obtain housing with title deeds, a person should not have another title deed allocation document on him. The owner of this plot will also not be allocated a plot of land larger than 400 square meters.
  • The area where the real estate in question is located must remain as a residential area within the zoning plan. If there is another qualification, the rightful owner is offered land located within the residential area.
  • The fair value, expenses, and fees such as title deed fees must be paid for the immovable slum to be allocated.

By performing all these operations, the right holder who converts the title deed allocation document into a title deed obtains the same rights as other title deeds. He can sell this real estate, which has a title deed, as he wishes. Or it can be found in other savings.

The deadline for the conversion of title deed allocation documents into title deeds is set as 31 May 2023 and the right holders must make the necessary applications by this date. After this date, this opportunity will disappear.

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