What is a parcel, and how to question it?

When immovable Real Estate such as land, apartment, or shop is to be bought, what people primarily look at is the parcel situation. The answers to various questions such as the zoning status and the right ownership status of the real estate in question can be learned by parcel inquiry.

What is a Parcel?

In general, the parcel is a separated piece of land whose boundaries are determined according to zoning and title laws. Parcels are also classified as zoned and unzoned. Article 18 of the Zoning Law, popularly known as the 18 applications, Parcels separated according to Article 18 of the parcels zoned. Parcels that are not allocated according to the article are unzoned parcels. A single person may have rights over the parcel, or more than one person or company, or institution may have rights over the parcel. The best way to find out the exact location of the parcels and their legally drawn boundaries is to make inquiries according to the information written in the land registry.

How is Parcel Inquiry Done?

Citizens who will buy land or housing should make an inquiry to get detailed information about the location of the parcel. Parcel inquiry is one of the services offered to citizens by the relevant units of the state and used excessively. Making a parcel inquiry by making an appointment with the land registry office does not need to make a transaction there.  You can perform the title deed inquiry process in a simple way without any problems and without the trouble of making an appointment over the internet. Parcel inquiry procedures are carried out in two ways. First, while inquiries can be made through E-Government, another way is to perform interrogation through the TAKBİS system given by the General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre.

Parcel Inquiry via E-Government

E-government service, where many online transactions can be made in Turkey, is also used for title deed registration and parcel inquiry transactions. With its easy-to-use interface and simple inquiry screen, you can make parcel inquiries via E-Government within minutes. For this, the person on whom the parcel is registered on the title deed must have the E-Government password and log in to the system. The parcel owner in the land registry who enters the e-Government system can access the parcel information from the https://www.turkiye.gov.tr/tapu-bilgileri-sorgulama tab. All immovables registered in the identity of the person of the Republic of Turkey will appear as a province, district, village, or neighborhood, and all information such as the nature of the immovables, island-parcel numbers, whether there is any other right ownership on the parcel, whether there is a lien on it or not can be accessed. On the same inquiry page, if desired, you can see the parcel positioned on the map thanks to the details tab. Thus, you will have more idea about the construction or land situated in the area where the parcel is located.

Parcel Inquiry via TAKBİS

Another of the parcel inquiry methods is the inquiries to be made through the Land Registry and Cadastre Information System (TAKBİS) put into service by the General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre. You do not need identity information to make inquiries through TAKBİS. It will be enough to know only the city, district, neighborhood, and island parcel numbers where the parcel is located.  After entering the information on the left side of the screen opened over the https://parselsorgu.tkgm.gov.tr/, you will have detailed information about the parcel. Here, as in the E-Government application, you can see the satellite image of the parcel or the real estate on the parcel and have information about the construction around it.

Making a parcel inquiry prevents people who will buy immovable real estate from being victims. You will be more confident with the parcel inquiry against the risks such as the parcel owner making a wrong declaration about the parcel and giving the wrong location. This parcel inquiry process, which you will carry out within minutes, will also prevent major grievances.


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