What Are The Features Of The Domestic TOGG Car? When Will TOGG Go On Sale?

The fully electric domestic car winks at the future with its large interior volume, holographic assistant, 300+ and 500+ kilometer range options.

Turkey’s one hundred percent electric domestic car has received great appreciation with its design and features.

The car, which will be produced in 200 and 400 horsepower as an SUV and sedan in the first place, will be charged much faster than other electric vehicles. In under 30 minutes, it will reach 80 percent occupancy. With its smart technology, it will touch the lives of users one by one.

It will have a range of 500 kilometers, can be charged in 30 minutes, 5 models will be produced in 15 years.

TOGG will unveil its first mass production vehicle from the line at the end of 2022. It will hit the market in 2023.


300+ and 500+ kilometer range options available

Information on the technical characteristics of the car with the longest wheelbase of its segment was also shared for the first time.

Accordingly, Turkey’s Automobile will reach 80 percent occupancy with fast charging in under 30 minutes. The car, which will have 300+ and 500+ kilometer range options with the innate electric modular platform, will be constantly connected to the center and will be able to receive updates remotely via 4G / 5G connection.

The car, which has a long-lasting battery pack provided by advanced battery management and active thermal management systems, will be able to accelerate from 0-100 km / h in 7.6 seconds with 200 horsepower and 4.8 seconds with 400 horsepower.

Euro NCAP will have high crash resistance and 30 percent greater torsional resistance with the battery integrated into the platform, which is compatible with the 5-star level. Recovery braking, which contributes up to 20 percent to the vehicle range, also stands out as one of the important features of the car.

It will be one of the pioneers of the targeted technological transformation.

On the other hand, according to the statement made by TOGG, the distance TOGG has taken in the past 18 months since its establishment and how it will lead the technological transformation in Turkey will be shared.

TOGG, whose official establishment took place on June 28, 2018, and which brought its first 3D model and concept vehicle to light 18 months after its establishment,  will lay the foundation of its factory to be established in the Marmara Region, the heart of the Turkish Automotive industry, in 2020.


More than a car; New smart living space

The 100 percent electric car, which will be previewed today, will have important features.

With smart technologies that offer more than just a car, the car will be a third living space after home and workplace.

Turkey’s automobile will constantly take its place on the internet with its connected infrastructure, it will not need a different device to connect to the internet. The automobile will be in communication with the entire smart city infrastructure, electricity grid, devices, homes, and buildings and will turn into a thinking assistant instead of its user in many different areas of life. In the coming years, especially with the spread of 5G technology, the connected car will become the center of smart life and new services that will be born within the mobility ecosystem will be a different mobility experience that adds value to the lives of users and facilitates them will keep you alive.


A different experience; Holographic assistant

Turkey’s automobile aims to carry the automobile experience of its users to a different dimension not only by being electric, connected, and smart but also with the innovative and disruptive technologies it will have.

In this direction, it continues its preparations for the “Holographic Assistant” technology, which will be used in Turkey’s automobile for the first time in the world as of 2023. This innovative assistant will take advantage of advanced eye-tracking algorithms and holographic three-dimensional imaging technologies to provide a user experience far beyond an ordinary virtual dashboard. “Holographic Assistant” technology will replace the 2D display technologies used in the car today with three-dimensional imaging and augmented reality for the first time, shaping the in-car experience from scratch.

Thanks to this technology, the driver will not only be able to see the information given on the vehicle’s display screen without taking his eyes off the road, but also access all the other information he may need about the road and the environment.  Thanks to the image enriched with augmented reality and 3D, navigation and other driver assistance systems will be easier to use and a safe, comfortable, and interactive driving opportunity.   As the first practitioner of this disruptive technology in the automotive sector, TOGG aims to be the first mobility company to offer this unique driving experience to its users.

The all-new innate electric modular vehicle platform

TOGG defines the completely new and innate electric vehicle platform that will form the infrastructure for all models of the automobile range with 3 main headings: original, modular, and superior.

TOGG will cover the content of these titles as “A high-tech innate electric and connected platform that is not related to any platform that has been previously uncovered in the automotive sector, developed entirely by TOGG engineers and all intellectual and industrial property rights belong 100 percent to TOGG… Capable of providing maximum efficiency, comfort, durability, and safety requirements together; modular architecture allowing for different widths and lengths… The infrastructure that maximizes the spaciousness, spaciousness, and comfort of the living space in the car by offering the longest wheelbase in its class…” respectively.


Can be charged at homes, offices, and stations on the road

The low total cost of ownership; quiet, enjoyable, and clean driving with zero emissions stands out as the most basic advantage of electric cars compared to internal combustion cars.


Turkey’s Automobile will be able to be charged at homes, offices, and stations on the road thanks to the comprehensive charging infrastructure that will spread under the leadership of TOGG until 2022 when it will be on the roads. With the technological possibilities of being a connected and smart car, users will be able to easily plan and manage the charging of their cars.


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