Turkey Has Closed off Eight More Neighborhoods in Istanbul to Foreigners – Residence permit

On Friday, Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu said that the districts of Küçükçekmece, Başakşehir, Bagcilar, Avcilar, Bahcelievler, Sultangazi, Esenler, and Zeytinburnu will no longer issue residency permits to non-citizens. As of right now, we are closed to new signups.

After the Istanbul Migration Evaluation Meeting, Soylu notified the press that eight more neighborhoods were off-limits to new international residents. By the year 2021, both Fatih and Esenyurt have been shut down.

However, the minister acknowledged the possibility of exceptions to this policy. An additional health concern arises “if he or she is a student and has a university in that district or if he or she acquired the residence as an investment.”

Announcement on Neighbourhoods Closed to New Residence Permit Applications

The Directorate of Migration Management made a new announcement on 30 June 2022 regarding the residence permit application of foreigners in Turkey. According to the state immigration policy, the number of foreign immigrants in a neighborhood cannot exceed 20% of the total population and 10% of the population in a town/district and city.

The new regulation announced by the Directorate of Migration Management will be effective as of July 1, 2022. Within the scope of the new decision, a total of 1169 neighborhoods in 58 different provinces were closed to foreigners’ residence permit applications. Foreigners who will apply for a residence permit in the said neighborhoods will be able to purchase a property but will not be able to obtain a residence permit on this property.

Due to the number of approximately 4 million Syrian refugees scattered all over the country, especially the Syrian border, most of the neighborhoods that are closed to residence permits are the settlements in Gaziantep, Kilis, Şanlıurfa, and Hatay, which are the border provinces of Syria.

Immigrants from Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Somalia generally prefer the cities of Istanbul and Ankara to live in the irregular demographic structure that arises due to the immigrant population of more than 3.5 million who live within the borders of Turkey and do not return to their countries.

Previously, these immigrants had the right to apply for a residence permit even with a rental contract. Within the scope of the new regulations made in the past months, the process of applying for a residence permit with a rental contract has been stopped. For more information, “Residency in Turkey with Rental Agreement Ended!”.

Possible Impacts of New Decisions on the Sector

Foreigners who buy a house for vacation will not be adversely affected by the new regulation. Foreigners can reside in Turkey for up to 180 days without a residence permit, only with a tourist visa. Many buyers, such as Germans, Scandinavians, Russians, or Brits, do not reside in Turkey for more than 180 days a year when they buy a home for vacation.

For this reason, foreigners visiting Turkey for vacation are not obliged to apply for a residence permit if they do not reside for more than 180 days. Foreigners who do not need a residence permit can buy property from any location in Turkey without being subject to neighborhood restrictions.

Due to the cessation of demand from abroad, house prices in neighborhoods within the scope of this limitation may decrease to a certain extent. Turks living abroad can buy property in these districts for a stay not exceeding 180 days.

Real estate demand for residence permits it will be directed to other districts outside the limitation. Istanbul real estate buyers may prefer the Anatolian Side districts where the quality of life is equal due to the closed neighborhoods in districts such as Esenyurt, Fatih, Beyoğlu, and Şişli, which are the most popular living centers of the European Side.


In Antalya, Port, Hurma, and Sarısu are located between closed neighborhoods. Following this, Altıntaş, Lara, and Döşemealtı regions will be investment areas that will be more popular with foreigners. Since Mahmutlar, Kestel, Kargicak, and Avand cellar are among the closed neighborhoods in Alanya, Payallar, Konaklı, Okurcalar, Oba and the district center will come to the fore as more popular residential areas following this new decision.

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Q: What Happens If I Buy a House in Turkey?

A: You can get a residence permit with real estate investment.

There are around a few hundred thousand investors across Turkey who have purchased a property reading contact lifestyle appropriate and obtained residence permits. Foreigners should know that they are buying property in a gated community. As İnvest Marmara, we will guide you professionally from the purchase stage until you receive your residence permit.

Q: What should I do to acquire Turkish citizenship by investment?

A: You also need to pay attention to the list.

When you buy a house in these neighbourhoods, a certificate of conformity will not be issued. Citizenship applications require high knowledge and experience. Marmara İnvest expert lawyer team, which provides legal consultancy services in citizenship applications, will guide you so that you can carry out the process without any problems. For details, you can visit the Citizenship in Turkey page.

Q: What Happens to My Current Residence Permit?

A: Foreigners who already own property in these neighbourhoods and have a residence permit will be able to renew their residence permit again, don’t worry!


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