The recovery of trade and diplomatic relations between Turkey and Saudi Arabia

Diplomatic relations between Turkey and Saudi Arabia

After a long calm in trade and economic relations between Turkey and Saudi Arabia; In 2021, a record recovery was achieved in the volume of trade between the two countries. According to the Turkish media, the volume of trade exchange reached a new stage during the past year; Bypassing the economic cold and tense relations that lasted for more than 3 years.

Great stats in the volume of trade exchange:

According to what was announced by the Turkish Statistics Directorate, the volume of Saudi exports to Turkey has grown tremendously during the past year. The year 2020 recorded the volume of exports between the two countries, which amounted to more than one and a half billion dollars during the period between the first ten months. While this number doubled, reaching nearly $3 billion, during the same period last year, 2021.

Specialists point out that these numbers reflect the beginning of the return of relations to the customer’s high lifestyle appropriate in r normal state. It seems that the charged atmosphere between the two countries is gradually fading away. Especially after the Gulf reconciliation. This means an expected increase in the volume of trade relations between the two countries during the current year 2022.

The volume of Turkish exports to the Kingdom during the period between January and November of the year 2021 amounted to a huge amount of $ 189 million. It is noteworthy that Turkish exports to Saudi Arabia reached an impressive figure of about $3.2 billion in 2019, before entering the phase of relative stagnation of relations between the two countries.

Volume oThe volume Exchange and Types of Traded Products:

Chemical trade has the largest share in the volume of exchange between the two countries. The Turkish Statistical Authority indicated that Turkey’s imports from Saudi Arabia are diverse, and chemical products come at the forefront. She added that the total imports of chemical products from Saudi Arabia amounted to 3 billion dollars.

Turkish-Saudi coordination and meetings at the highest levels:

Relations between the two countries are improving on a daily Turkish president has confirmed that he will visit the Kingdom’s capital in the second month of this year. These statements came during the conference of Turkish exporters.

This visit comes at the invitation of the Saudi King. It is expected that the meeting between the two presidents will include a discussion of important issues at the regional and economic levels that concern the two countries. In addition, they are expected to address the issue of trade exchange. And the dilemma of the poor conditions of export movement between the two countries during the last period.

Turkey towards new regional openings:

Turkish presidential spokesman Ibrahim Kalin mentioned; Turkey will witness new regional openings this year. He added that the Turkish Foreign Ministry is working to speed up the return of water to its flow with various countries.

In an interview with the Turkish magazine Crater, Ibrahim Kalin stated that Turkey would not let any hand reach out to it in the air. He added that the country will take two steps to meet everyone who takes one step towards it. Turkey will work to overcome all tensions to reach better relations with the countries. He also stressed that such steps help in achieving the national interests of the Republic of Turkey in the accordion of achieving national and global peace.

It is worth noting that the Turkish political arena has recently witnessed Turkey’s consolidation of its relations with several countries, including Saudi Arabia, Armenia, Egypt, and the, reading contact UAE.

Of course, such statements and the accompanying actual movements on the ground will reflect positively on the trade exchange movements between Turkey and other countries.

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