The Importance of Gross Square Meters and Net Square Meters in Housing Sales

When buying a new property, the size of the property is one of the most important factors to consider. Especially those who buy a house from the project should know the exact definition of these expressions since they cannot perceive the size of the property by seeing it.

What are Gross Square Meters?

Gross square meters are the entire enclosed space measured from the property’s outer walls, meaning the total area that will belong to you. This area includes walls and columns, that is, areas that you cannot use physically. Areas such as balconies, stairwells, elevators, and room partitions in the building are included in the gross square meter.

How is the gross square meter calculated?

It is the result of calculating everything contained in a gross square meter structure. The calculation of gross square meters can be calculated in three different ways:

– To measure the elevators and gaps of the building from the outside by reducing them, –
To add the building entrance, pool, green area, parking, and landscape areas to the gross area of the real estate,
– Not to include the fire escape in the calculation,

If the gross area of the real estate cannot be determined with certainty, 15-25 percent more than the net area can be considered gross area.

What is Net Square Meters?

The main measure you need to pay attention to in the houses, projects or real estate you find through the real estate agent on the internet is net square meters. Net square meter refers to the actual total area remaining in the interior of the walls of the house, which can be used or swept away. The net square meter includes a kitchen, bathroom and balcony, and terrace areas.

How is Net Square Meters Calculated?

The net square meter area is obtained from the gross square meter calculation by subtracting the unused areas such as wall thicknesses, stairs, and elevator shafts from the calculation. Or each room in the dwelling is found as a result of multiplying the wall lengths in areas such as kitchens and balconies by each other.

Take, for example, the net area calculation of the kitchen. If one of the walls has a value of 200 cm and the other has a value of 150 cm, the process you will do is to multiply these two values one by one. So, the net square meter of your kitchen is 200 cm x 150 cm = 3 m².


Why the Difference Between Net Square Meters and Gross Square Meters Matters

The differences between gross and net square meters are at the beginning of the problems we encounter when buying real estate. Square meter calculations can sometimes differ. Customers can also make mistakes when comparing pricing because they don’t know the rates by net domains.

For example, properties A and B may have a net area of 100 m² while both gross areas are 100 m². Another issue to be considered is that an apartment seen as 130 m² can be 100 m². Such differences greatly disappoint the buyer. Therefore, knowing what the net and gross area are and how it is calculated allows you to avoid problems.

Before buying real estate, you can measure the property in question yourself with a laser meter, and if you wish, you can learn the square meter information by requesting the plan of the residence from the Land Registry Directorate. However, keep in mind that a modification may cause the plan in the deed to be out of date.

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