Places to Visit in Sultangazi area in European side of Istanbul

Places to Visit in Sultangazi

In This article, we will explain the places to visit in the Sultangazi district and the details of the excursion route. Before we start our article, let’s give you some general information about Sultangazi District.

Sultangazi district of Istanbul province is located on the European side and is one of the smallest districts of Istanbul. Since the district was conquered by Sultan Orhan Gazi between 1326-1359, it took its name from here as Sultangazi. While the district was affiliated with lifestyle-appropriate  Eyüp for a long time, it became a district of Gaziosmanpaşa after 1963, declaring its independence in 2008 and becoming a district of Sultangazi.

The places to visit in Sultangazi are listed below.

1- Our first route in Sultangazi Places to Visit; Sultangazi Municipality Urban Forest

City forests, which are in the first place of our Sultangazi Places to Visit article, are the places frequented by those who want to relax and find peace away from the noise of the city, where all the beauties of nature combine with green and blue. It consists of two stages: Mimar Sinan City Forest and Sultangazi Municipality City Forest.

2- Architect Sinan City customers’ high

There are many activities and areas where you can both have fun and relax in the Mimar Sinan City Forest, which is built on a total area of 820 decares. There are picnic areas and tables, a 17-meter-long Watch Tower, children’s playgrounds, football, tennis, volleyball, and basketball courts, an amphitheater for 2400 people, horse riding facilities, and Turkey’s largest adventure platform.

In addition, it allows you to grow any plant you want by spending time alone with nature in 56 hobby gardens. 

3- Hacı Bektaş-ı Veli City Forest

You can start the day by having a picnic at the picnic tables in the Hacı Bektaş-ı Veli City Forest, which is established on a total area of 770 decares, while you are relieving the tiredness of the week, the children can have fun in the playground and adventure platform reserved for them, catch your fish in the fishing area, jog, walk and enjoy. You can do your sports by storing oxygen on the bike tracks, and you can leave beautiful memories by taking pictures in the 17-meter-long observation tower accompanied by the landscape combining green and blue.

4- Mongolian Aqueducts

The aqueducts located near the Cebeci district were built between 1554 and 1562 by Mimar Sinan upon the order of Suleiman the Magnificent. Its length is 257 meters, and its height is 36 meters, and there are 8 compartments on the lower and upper floors.

Moğlova Aqueducts, which are on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage list, also serve as a bridge due to the road inside while carrying water. In addition, to prevent the arch from being damaged by floods and floods, its feet were made in the form of pyramids. The Moğlova Aqueducts, which have survived to the present day, are among the places you should see with their architecture and historical structure.

 5- Alibey Dam

It was established on the Alibey Stream between 1975-1983 to meet the water needs of Istanbul. Thanks to the forested area around it, you can enjoy the view by having a picnic. 

6- Fairy Tale Heroes Park

Located in the Cumhuriyet neighborhood of Sultangazi District, the park is built on a total area of 25 thousand square meters. Inside, there are statues and reliefs of 128 different figures such as Snow White, Nasiruddin Hodja, Smurfs, and Keloğlan. In the park, which is especially preferred by families with children, children can create games from fairy tale heroes by developing their imagination, taking pictures, and then having fun in the children’s playground. 

7- Traffic Education Park

The park, where children both have fun and learn, has an education track, horizontal and vertical traffic signs, signaling systems, pedestrian and level crossings, bicycle paths, pedestrian sidewalks, overpasses, and training laboratories. In the park, which was established in an area of 5735 square meters, children can take theoretical and practical lessons with battery-operated vehicles.

8- Malkoçoğlu Sütçü İmam Park

The most important feature of the park, which was established on a total area of ​​4100 square meters, is that there are two waterfalls like Pamukkale travertines. Apart from the travertine, there are playgrounds for children to play, sitting benches, a walking path, and a cafe.

9- Our Last Route in Sultangazi Places to Visit, Neva AVM

In neva, the first and only shopping and entertainment center in the district, you can do your shopping, spend time in cafes and restaurants, or spend time in entertainment areas.


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