One Perfect Day in Istanbul: Must-Visit Places to See


Hagia Sophia is a special and important monument located in Sultanahmet, Istanbul’s Historical Peninsula. It is located in the square with the same name. It is among the works accepted as a symbol in world history and architecture.Hagia Sophia means “Holy Wisdom”. Because of its meaning, Emperor Justinian gave this name to the church.



History of Topkapi Palace, 1460; The history of the museum begins on April 3, 1924. Topkapi Palace, which was started to be built in 1460 after the Ottoman army under the command of Fatih Sultan Mehmet conquered Istanbul in 1453, was completed in 1478 and during the 400 years that passed with Fatih Sultan Mehmet, until the thirty-first sultan Sultan Abdulmecit, the Ottoman administration, treasury, It became a center of education and art. It hosted the Ottoman sultans until the middle of the 19th century.



One of the most fascinating parts of Istanbul’s silhouette, the Blue Mosque is also one of the most important symbols of Istanbul. It’s not just its imposing appearance that makes it so fascinating. The Blue Mosque has many features that distinguish it from others, such as being the first mosque to be built with 6 minarets. In this article, we will share with you the history of the Blue Mosque, which is admired by everyone who visits Istanbul. Here is the important history of Istanbul’s pupil!



From 1460, when Fatih Sultan Mehmet started its construction, to the 1990s, the Grand Bazaar was an important shopping place in the life of Istanbulites. When a special gift was bought for a valuable person, when a house was being furnished or when there was a need for something that is not easily available in the market, the Grand Bazaar would come to mind first. Even today, it is the largest historical covered bazaar in the world with 4,000 shops, 500 stalls and 21 gates.



The Bosphorus, one of the rare examples of its magical atmosphere, unique beauty and the location where Asia and Europe meet, is among the indispensable location of both tourism and trade. The Bosphorus, a world-famous iconic landmark, has interesting stories and information to discover, as well as its external beaut



Istiklal Street is one of the first places that come to mind when Istanbul Taksim is mentioned. It is surrounded by historical embassy buildings, which are open only to pedestrians, where nostalgic trams operate, and which were allocated to consulates in the Republic period, and it is approximately 1.5 km. long Istiklal Street is also the most popular street in Istanbul. The street, which was once called Grande Rue de Pera, is located in Beyoğlu district. It is also the most popular culture and art center in Istanbul



For Istanbulites, Galata Tower is like the pole star in the sky: Galata Tower is the permanent guardian of Istanbul, which we look for every time we get on the ferry, serves as a compass when we are on the sides of Tünel and Karaköy, and whose existence we liken to our personal life struggle for centuries without crushing itself in the silhouette of Istanbul turning into a garbage dump.


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