One of the best areas in the Europe side of Istanbul – Kağıthane

Kağıthane is one of the 39 districts of Istanbul, which is the most important city in Turkey and is considered one of the important points of the world with its place on the globe. Kağıthane is located on the European side of the Bosphorus, west of the Bosphorus, which is one of the important waterways of the earth connecting the Black Sea to the Sea of Marmara and separating the Asian and European continents.

Kağıthane, one of the last settlements of Istanbul, and the surrounding neighborhoods were neighborhoods of the Şişli District until 1987. Kağıthane was separated from Şişli in 1987 and made a district. Kağıthane district area is administratively surrounded by Ayazağa, which is connected to Şişli from the north, and Şişli from the south and southeast. The district borders the districts of Beşiktaş in the northeast, Beyoğlu in the southwest, and Eyüp in the west and northwest.

In terms of surface area, it is one of the seven smallest districts of Istanbul with Adalar, Bayrampaşa, Beyoğlu, Güngören, and Zeytinburnu. The territory of Kağıthane district covers a total area of 16 km2.

The first of the highways crossing the Bosphorus with the 15 Temmuz Şehitler and Fatih Sultan Mehmet bridges pass through the south of the district and the second pass through the north. Of these, the 01 (E5) Highway forms the border with the town of Şişli in the south. The 02 (TEM) Highway follows the east-west direction in the northern part of the Kağıthane District. Another highway between Okmeydanı and Hasdal junctions connects the 01 and 02 highways.

Kağıthane has become a preferred district with the change and transformation it has experienced in the last 13 years. It is possible to observe this from rapidly increasing population statistics. As of 2016, the population of Kağıthane reached 439,685. This population consists of 222,981 males and 216,704 females. To express as a percentage; 50.71% are male and 49.29% are female.

Kağıthane‘s Borders with Neighboring Districts

Kağıthane is adjacent to A yazağa in the north, Şişli in the south and southeast, Beşiktaş in the northeast, Beyoğlu in the southwest, and Eyüp in the west and north-west. The Kağıthane-Beşiktaş border starts from the intersection point of the 02 (TEM) Motorway with Büyükdere Street. It ends at the point where Büyükdere Street intersects İnönü Street. From here, the Şişli border begins. Following the western wall of the IETT garage, it heads south along Dereboyu Street and then south-west with its Bağış, Bayır, and Kavaklı streets. The Şişli border, which heads south with Hudut Street, turns southwest with Akgül Street after a while and reaches Çağlayan Junction.

Boundaries of Kağıthane with Neighboring Districts

The Şişli border, which leaves Çağlayan Junction in the south and turns southwest along Darülaceze Street parallel to the 01 (E5) Highway, ends at the intersection of the 01 Motorway with Aydıncık Street by leaving Okmeydanı Junction in the north. The Kağıthane-Beyoğlu border starts at the point where the 01 Motorway intersects Aydıncık Street, heads north and then northwest along Etibank Street, and ends at the point where the Kağıthane Creek flows into the Golden Horn.

Boundaries of Kağıthane with Neighboring Districts

The Kağıthane-Eyüp border starts at the point where the Kağıthane Creek flows into the Golden Horn and extends to the northeast along the Old Eyüp Road. The Eyüp border stretches northward along the connection road connecting the 01 and 02 highways for a while, continuing its northward extension with Sokullu and Alibey streets. The Eyüp border, which starts from Alibeyköy Street and turns west, turns to the north after a while, cuts 02 Highway and forms a border with Kemerburgaz, and reaches the Katırcılar Creek. Starting from this point, it begins to form a border with the Ayazağa lands of Şişli. Kağıthane’s border with Ayazağa (Şişli) runs east along the forest border that runs parallel to 02 Highway in the northwest. The Ayazağa border turns south from the point where Arabacı Slope cuts the forest border and turns to Cesur Street, and from there it continues to extend east with İbrahim Karaoğlanoğlu Street and ends at the intersection of 02 Highway and Büyükdere Street.

The names of the 19 neighborhoods within the boundaries of responsibility of our municipality are as follows:

Çağlayan Neighborhood, Çelitepe Neighborhood, Emniyetevler Neighborhood, Sultan Selim Neighborhood, Gültepe Neighborhood, Gürsel Neighborhood, Harmantepe Neighborhood, Hürriyet Neighborhood, Seyrantepe Neighborhood, Şirintepe Neighborhood, Merkez Neighborhood, Ortabayır Neighborhood, Teller Neighborhood, Talatpaşa Neighborhood, Yahya Kemal Neighborhood, Hamidiye Neighborhood, Nurtepe Neighborhood, Mehmet Akif Neighborhood, Yeşilce Neighborhood…

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