One of the best areas in the Asian side of Istanbul – Fikirtepe District

Fikirtepe District

Once upon a time, Fikirtepe was a shabby, messy, and disorganized region, but within 18 years became a well-organized, sophisticated landscape; However, how could multiply the square meter value five times in a short period? What is the expected investment future of the Fikirtepe district?


The Important Site of Fikirtepe:

The Fikirtepe district is in the Asian side of Istanbul, within Kadıköy municipality, Kadiköy is one of the oldest municipalities in Istanbul, directly overlooking the crystal Marmara Sea. Kadikoy has its code of historical magnificent and evolving present and the shiny predictable future.

Fikirtepe region is a part of this simulation of the Sisil municipality in the European side of Istanbul in terms of financial value, architectural code, and the central location among several critical municipalities, such as Kagithane. Beşiktaş, Beyoğlu, and Fikritepe have the same vital spot between essential regions.

That location gives Fikritepe easy accessibility and comfortable mobility and therefore gains additional investment value within the real estate market in Istanbul. However, how was the external interface of the urban infrastructure of customers’ high lifestyle appropriate for Fikirtepe?

The History of Fikirtepe Urban

Istanbul as a city has grown up messily in the late 80s and 90s Still, the Turkish government has recently developed and regenerated the entire urban infrastructure of Fikirtepe in the last 20 years under a well-systematic government plan.

But before, Fikirtepe has deemed a shanty region with the poorest services and infrastructure. The real estate market of Fikirtepe was an interior, undesirable destination for both local and international investors. Thus, due to the well-structured regeneration plan, the value and pricing curve has tripled, and twenty thousand houses within luxurious residential complexes have been built within Fikirtepe. These units will be soon delivered to the real estate market; consequently, the capital appreciation of the real estate market of Fikirtepe and Istanbul, the entire market assets will revolve around the newly emerging concept of renovated Fikirtepe district

According to the Turkish governmental plan, 30% of the Fikritepe landscape has been renovated and delivered, yet 70% is to be constructed and delivered, which will boost the per meter value within Kadikoy municipality and even the entire city of Istanbul, thanks to the government initiative,

Demographic structure

The gender distribution in the neighborhood is 47.4% female and 52.6%, male. This distribution is 54.9% female and 45.1% male throughout Kadıköy. Much of the population consists of the 25-44 age group with 36.7%. The middle age group follows this group with 22.4%. The population of the neighborhood consists of 9069 people, and with this population, the share of the neighborhood in the district is 1.97%.

The number of residences in the neighborhood exceeds the number of workplaces. There are 9,936 residences and 1,127 workplaces in the neighborhood. The density of people in the neighborhood is less than in Kadıköy in general. The number of people per hectare is 170 in the Fikirtepe neighborhood and 180 in Kadıköy.

The rate of green space per capita in the Fikirtepe neighborhood is quite low compared to Kadıköy in general. The green area per person in the neighborhood is 1.36 square meters, and the green area per person is 3.09 square meters.


  • Kadıköy Municipality Services
  • Kadıköy Municipality Fikirtepe Education and Social Service Center
  • Kadıköy Municipality Veterinary Affairs Directorate
  • Kadıköy Municipality Fikirtepe Volunteer House

Health Service lifestyle appropriate customers high

  • Fikirtepe Family Health Center

Religious Services

  • Fikirtepe Central Mosque
  • Fikirtepe Tepe Mosque
  • Fikirtepe New Mosque
  • Davuthan Masjid
  • Sinoplu Pehlivan Halil Çiçekçi Mosque

Transportation Services

Fikirtepe Metrobus Bus,

Marmaray, metro, or minibusses can be used to reach the neighborhood.

Housing Prices

The pricing and the value have evolved and yet will increase, so buying a property in Fikirtepe is the deal of the century, do it and buy it before it’s too late. Housing prices for sale in the Fikirtepe neighborhood of Kadıköy have increased by 3.5% in the last month. The payback period is calculated as 20 years for the Fikirtepe neighborhood. The average price of a 90-130 square meter house purchased in the neighborhood in 2021 was 2,600,000 TL, the minimum price was 1,050,000 TL, and the maximum price was 4,775,000 TL. Rental prices were observed as a minimum of 5.000 TL, a maximum of 12.000 TL, and an average of 7.000 TL.

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