Investment by buying commercial shops in Turkey

How to Invest in Commercial Real Estate in Turkey?

Yes, the Turkish real estate market offers a good ROI, with residential as well as commercial real estate options. Commercial real estate is a type of property used for commercial purposes. The shops where you buy your daily essentials are all examples of commercial property. Commercial properties in Turkey include office buildings, medical centers, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, retail stores, warehouses, and garages.

Investing in commercial real estate is an attractive option for real estate buyers due to its high ROI rates. More and more buyers are choosing to invest in commercial properties because of good rental income.

Buyers prefer to invest in commercial real estate for two main reasons. Some buyers buy commercial real estate to start a business. On the other hand, some buyers buy commercial property for investment purposes.

Because commercial properties are rented at high prices, business owners want to own the properties in which they operate. Purchasing commercial property as a business owner benefits buyer in more ways than one. First, owning a commercial property allows them to avoid the high rents they would normally pay. On the other hand, the value of properties is increasing day by day.

Investors also see commercial properties as profitable investment opportunities. Even if they do not use the property to run their business, commercial real estate investment in many cities is attractive as it offers good profits. In this context, purchasing commercial property is one of the most profitable investment options in Turkey.

Investing in commercial real estate has many advantages, such as high ROI rates and a large increase in real estate value. In addition, the fact that the annual property tax rates in Turkey are quite low and monthly maintenance costs are paid by the tenants ensures that the cost of investing in commercial real estate is very low.


How is Commercial Real Estate Investment Made?

Before purchasing a commercial investment property, you should learn as much as possible about the area. You can buy commercial properties located in developed regions and cities; properties in these places always ensure you get a good return on your investment. It can also be advantageous to check out developing regions, as the potential return on investment in these areas is always very high.

“Is commercial real estate a good investment in Turkey?” You may have questions such as. Yes. It is one of the most stable investments you can make in terms of real estate investment. However, this may not mean that every commercial property is a good investment vehicle. To get a good return on your investment, you must buy the right property.

The location of the property directly affects its current and future value. A detailed study of the field can help buyers make the right investment. If you expect a good return on investment, you should know about the characteristics of the population in the region, the projects planned, and public investments. These features can easily increase the rental and sales value of the commercial real estate in a very short time.

Property characteristics are also important when investing in commercial real estate. The size of the property; affects its value, rental price, and the number of businesses that can operate in it. Additional features such as elevators, parking spaces, and security increase value both for rental and resale.


How to Start a Commercial Real Estate Investment?

When purchasing property, it is very important to work with a professional real estate agent. It is even more important to seek professional help when purchasing commercial real estate. Because commercial real estate investment requires experience and knowledge, it is highly recommended to work with a specialist real estate company in this process.

Marmara İnvest, Turkey’s leading real estate company, offers the best commercial real estate in Turkey. We value our customers’ time and effort; we only sell the best properties that will not cause problems for buyers in the future. For this, before adding any real estate to our portfolio, our team does the necessary work to determine the suitability of that real estate.


All real estates in our portfolio have the “Best Price Guarantee”. This means that you will not find the same property at a lower price on the property market. This gives buyers a chance to make the best investment at the best possible prices.

Our team of local real estate professionals offers a hassle-free property-buying process. We guide our customers through the real estate purchasing process and conclude the process with “Zero Problems”. We guide you through the entire process, from choosing your property to signing the deeds.


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