Important Points About ATAŞEHIR District in Istanbul Turkey

Ataşehir is a district on the Anatolian side of Istanbul. In 2008, it became a district with the participation of the regions separated from Kadıköy, Üsküdar, Ümraniye, Maltepe and Kartal districts.It gained the status of a district in 2008. It is adjacent to Maltepe to the south, Kadıköy to the west, Üsküdar to the northwest, Ümraniye to the north, Çekmeköy to the northeast and Sancaktepe to the east. The district is 25.84 square kilometers, has a population of 345,588, and there are a total of 17 neighborhoods within its borders.

Atasehir is among the fast-developing regions on the Anatolian side of Istanbul. It is a single investment zone with less density in terms of population. Due to the suitability of the land, investment in the lands of Atasehir is increasing day by day. The fact that the region offers easy access to different points in Istanbul and its many opportunities is an important factor in this.


History and Geographical Structure
The History of the Ataşehir District dates back even older than Istanbul. While the first human settlements around Istanbul appeared only between 5000-3000 BC, the first-hand axes belonging to the stone age were found in İçerenköy. In May 1331, Orhan Gazi; At Kartal-Cevizlik, he defeated the Byzantine King Andronicus III. He walked to Üsküdar. One of its commanders, Konuralp, said; He took Aydos Castle, Ayazma Village on the western outskirts of Kayışdağı and what is now İçerenköy, and merged with Orhan Bey in Üsküdar.

This region was under the rule of Eren Baba and Ali Gazinin. After 1465, Erenköy was transferred to the Tapuya as the name of the region. After 1639, when the Kayışdağı water was brought to Erenköy with künks, the people of Karaman Farm and Tekkebağ migrated to Erenköy. In 164, Mustafa Ağa, the Shipowner of Tersana, built the mosque. In 1860, it became one of the seven neighborhoods of Kadıköy. In 1872, when the railway and station were built in the west of the region, the name Erenköy was given to its current place with the suggestion of the line commander, Transportation Captain Ali Bey. İçerenköy Mosque (Mehmet Çavuş Mosque) was first built in 1665 and then rebuilt in 1924. Since the original Erenköy remained inland and some of the Erens settled inland, the district took this name and became our neighborhood İÇERENKÖY.


Social Activities

There are quite a lot of options for cinema in Ataşehir. Shopping malls and countless restaurants are also rich enough to support your social life. In the evenings, instead of hosting your guests at home, you can also evaluate the beautiful Ataşehir places. With restaurants that make the most delicious dishes of world and Turkish cuisine, Ataşehir is a very rich district in terms of places where you can spend time.

Calm, Peaceful and Safe

Site life is experienced in Ataşehir. Site life also brings with it many benefits. Many playgrounds for children offer the opportunity to socialize and safe areas in the gardens of the sites. We can say that Ataşehir, where you will not be exposed to unnecessary noise in the evening hours and where you will lead a quiet, peaceful life, is superior to other districts in terms of security.

New Stop of Investment

Ataşehir is a district that has become a business center at the same time in recent years. With the proliferation of business centers, people’s desire to move to Ataşehir is also increasing. If you want to buy a house in Ataşehir, which will gain more and more value, it is useful to immediately research mortgage applications and start learning the real estate situation in the district. As a result of your research, you can come together with your mortgage specialist and make your application with the most appropriate payment plan and own a house in one of the fastest developing districts in Istanbul.

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