Declared 2023 as the year of investment

DAP Holding, seeing the demand for housing, pressed the button for new investments. DAP Holding Chairman Ziya Yılmaz, who said that they will continue to produce despite the difficult market conditions, said, “We do not give up producing housing in sunny weather and rainy weather. We will start 5 housing projects in the new year.”

The long-decreasing production in the real estate sector has led to a deterioration in the supply-demand balance. In 2022, the private sector was cautious about new investments. Some companies saw the demand and made their preparations. One of them was DAP Holding. “We do not give up on producing housing in sunny weather and rainy weather,” said DAP Holding Chairman Ziya Yılmaz, explaining that they will start 5 projects in the new year. Giving information about the new investment plans, Yılmaz said, “We are on the eve of investments worthy of the 100th year of our Republic. Next year, on the one hand, we will accelerate the construction of the second stage of our New Levent project, and on the other hand; We are starting the work on 5 new projects: Pendik, Ataşehir, Beykoz, Çeşme, and Masukiye. We will develop a project close to the marina at the seafront in Çeşme. There will be over 2 thousand houses in Pendik. We are planning villas in Beykoz and luxury housing in Ataşehir. In Maşukiye, we will implement a project that appeals to those who miss village life.”


Yılmaz stated that they delivered the houses before the time they undertook the Ormanköy project built in Çekmeköy and that the deliveries in the Nişantaşı project would be in 2023, and said the following about Yeni Levent, which they started to build: “In the first stage, the rough constructions were finished. The foundations for the 2nd stage were laid. The interest in our ambitious project, which is ambitious with its location, is quite intense.” Stating that they conducted comprehensive research touching tens of thousands of people before the new investment, Ziya Yılmaz stated that they developed projects according to needs and demands. Stating that they shaped all the details of the new 5 projects from location to architecture to consumer expectations, Yılmaz said that they had the opportunity to sell quickly.


Stating that the main reason for the increase in housing prices costs, Ziya Yılmaz made the following assessment: “Construction costs tend to increase steadily due to the global increase in commodity prices. In two years, there are increases of up to 6 times in some items and up to 10 times in some items. Producing housing in this period is quite difficult and requires fine mathematics. Even housing projects that are finished as soon as possible do not finish before 24 months. Therefore, we, as branded housing producers, cannot look at daily costs. In the real estate sector, costs are not calculated by saying ‘how much have commodity prices increased year-on-year?’ It is necessary to foresee the cost 24 months from today. So, the housing producer should be doing this mathematics and the house buyer should be seeing that these prices are ‘opportunity prices’. I have been saying this for years; ‘Yesterday was over to buy housing, tomorrow is too late. That’s the right time.” Stating that they anticipate that the rate of increase in commodity prices will slow down in 2023 and that inflation will remain horizontal, Yılmaz added that they expect a productive year for the construction sector.


A new housing campaign is being prepared that will facilitate access to housing for middle-income citizens. In the campaign prepared by the Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change and the Ministry of Treasury and Finance, it is planned that the interest rate will fall below 1 percent, the maturity will be 15 years and the first time will be advantaged to those who will buy a house. Commenting on the campaign, which is expected to start in January, Ziya Yilmaz said, “We know that there is a new campaign preparation in housing. These campaigns will power our economy as well as the Real Estate sector. The announcement that the social housing campaign of 250 thousand houses in the past months will be completed to 500 thousand units is also extremely important for our sector and economy.”

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