Basin Express – The New Investment Center of Istanbul

Basın Ekspres Way and its surroundings, which connect the E-5 and TEM highways and are an important axis, are one of the most remarkable regions recently, especially in terms of real estate investments. Located on the European side close to the airport, Basin Ekspres is considered by real estate experts as the new line of Istanbul with great opportunities.

The Basın Ekspres axis, which is defined as the Prestige Service Area and Central Business Area in the Istanbul Strategic Plan prepared by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, and the investments made in Güneşli indicate that the region will be the most prestigious office area of Istanbul soon.


Located in the Bağcılar region of Istanbul, the Basın Ekspres region is surrounded by the Marmara Sea from the south, Başakşehir, and İstanbul airport from the north, and Büyükçekmece and Avcılar districts from the west. Basin Ekspres is in the middle of the E5 and E80 motorways, the two main motorways connecting the European and Asian sides of Istanbul.


In addition to the strategic location in the region where public investments are accelerated, there is a very strong transportation network covering all regions of Istanbul. With 4 metro lines surrounding the region, Basin Ekspress has achieved an important transportation advantage with sea, air, land, and rail transportation facilities.

Shopping Malls in the Region

Universities in the Region

International Schools in the Region

  • AlMarefa Schools
  • Al Arabiya International Schools
  • International Alfayez Schools

Hospitals in the region


  • The Basin Express district has a prime location in the heart of Istanbul and is considered the most important business center of the city after Maslak.
  • Basin Express has a very strong infrastructure due to the government’s interest in the region.
  • With the development of projects in this field by the large construction companies of Istanbul, the real estate market value in the Basin Express region is increasing day by day.
  • In the projects in the region, there are multi-purpose options that can be invested with higher rental yield for different purposes, such as home office concepts.
  • The increasing demand with the appreciation of the region day by day provides high profits to its investors in the short term.

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