All About Ispartakule Area

The Ispartakule region is famous for its distinguished geographical location, as it is located in the European section of Istanbul, specifically to the north of Kucukcekmece Lake, surrounded by a green belt of green squares and organized gardens, and a very short distance from the Istanbul Canal project, and it is located at the entrance to Bahcesehir, as any traveler can Access from the TEM highway to Ispartakule via a special bridge connecting them.

Ispartakule is the ideal refuge for lovers of calm and tranquility. Although it is in the heart of Istanbul, it is far from the sources of noise and traffic jams. It is surrounded by organized green areas, in addition to its view of the Sea of Marmara and Lake Kucukcekmece.

Information about Ispartakule in Istanbul

The area of ​​Ispartakule is about 560,000 square meters, divided into 500,000 square meters of green spaces, and 60,000 square meters occupied by residential buildings that contain approximately 6,000 thousand homes.

The residential buildings in Ispartakule are characterized by modernity and modernity. They are medium-rise residential complexes, each complex contains 8 to 9 residential blocks, and the number of floors here ranges from 8 to 15 floors. As for the apartments’ spaces, they range from 66 square meters to 244 square meters. It meets the needs of all groups and tastes due to its diversity in design and decorations, as well as the quality of the apartments and the modern technologies used in insulation.

Ispartakule is a good choice for living and stability, as the residential complexes are equipped with all social and sports service facilities, in addition to the shopping center located at the entrance of the area, not forgetting the group of restaurants, supermarkets, and entertainment places.


What are the advantages of the location of the Ispartakule area in Istanbul?

Ispartakule combines many features that make it one of the best investment options in Istanbul, as it is only 1 km away from the E80 highway and only 25 minutes away from the new Istanbul Airport if the new highway or (the new Marmara) is crossed.

When mentioning the distinguished location of Spartakule, its nearness to the Istanbul Canal project is the first issue that comes to mind because of its special and unique future features, in addition to its nearness to a futuristic metro station that connects the Bahcesehir area to the Mecidiyekoy area and to all areas of Istanbul.

The building system in Isparta Kule attracts many investors around the world, as the buildings in it are characterized by quality, modernity, and high heights, which provide the most beautiful view of the surrounding green spaces and lakes.


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