Obtaining a title deed

Obtaining Title Deed in Turkey

What is the Turkish Title Deed – Also Known as Tapu?

It is a legal and official document that establishes a property’s ownership rights. The document also includes information on the property and the owner.

The General Directorate of Land Register and Cadastre (Tapu ve Kadastro Genel Müdürlüğü – TKGM) oversees the title deed registry and archive. Every city in Turkey has a title deed office run by TKGM. TKGM is a legacy institution of the Ottoman Empire to the fledgling Turkish Republic.

 Types Of Title Deeds in Turkey

Within the Turkish title deed, there are various kinds based on the nature of the real estate and ownership. It can be broken down into two categories:

  • Blue Tapu

This title deed is written with the land title and shared ownership in mind. Blue ones are issued in Turkey for real estate that does not fit within the urban planning scheme and is primarily used for agriculture. It can be further defined as follows:

Keep in mind that shared titleholders typically have less control over the property. It also restricts the owner’s ability to make decisions about the property’s sales, maintenance, and upkeep. Landlords with shared ownership titles are not allowed to take out a mortgage on the property.

  • Red Tapu

It’s a freehold title that indicates individual ownership of the units listed on the Turkish title deed.

The term “kat mülkiyeti” or “kat irtifaki” refers to a freehold title that is commonly utilized for commercial or residential properties. On the form, there is a check box that indicates which category the purchased property belongs to.

  • Floor Easement (Kat İrtifakı): It’s sometimes referred to as construction servitude. The title indicates that the property’s development or building activity is still ongoing. A kat irtifakı title reflects the allotment of units in the “under-construction” phase, according to the resource consent.
  • Condominium (Kat Mülkiyeti): Once the development phase is concluded, the property is inspected by local municipality officials to confirm that the construction is complete. They give an Iskaan, or residence license, which allows a title to be translated to the next level, full ownership.
  • Time share property (Devre Mülk): This title allows you to buy a fractional or timeshare share. When a property has been owned for a particular amount of time, it is offered.

How Can I Get a Turkish Title Deed?

Marmara invest company will lead your purchase process to the ownership of your property by obtaining a Turkish title deed (in the Cadastre and Registration Office). This procedure is a regular procedure for buying property in Turkey.

After choosing a property and signing the contract in the agency office, we apply for an appointment in the Tapu Office and handover all the necessary documents. You may go through that process together with our sales expert, but you may also provide us with Power of Attorney in the Notary Office which will allow us to proceed on your behalf.

During the title deed transfer, both the seller and the buyer (or person designated by you on the Power of Attorney document) must be present. The sworn translator is always present in the Tapu Office.

What are the Documents Needed for the Title Deed Transfer Process?

After deciding on which property, you want to buy and the purchase price, you can start the procedure of issuing your title deed. We can gladly assist you or you can simply follow these steps.

The following documents must be provided for title deed conveyance:

  • Buyers Tax Number
  • Passport photocopy and a translation
  • Appraisal report
  • Seller’s ID card or Passport
  • Fair value document

All these necessary documents are prepared by our sales expert and forwarded to the Tapu Office to issue the property title deed (TAPU). You can also prepare them yourself and attend your appointment at the Tapu office.

What are the Steps for Getting Tapu?

The procedure for obtaining a TAPU or Turkish title deed is as follows:

Step 1: Determine who will pay the title deed fee.

Step 2: Apply to the municipality and pay the property tax.

Step 3: Schedule an appointment after applying to the General Directorate of Land Registry.

Step 4: Pay the fee

Step 5: Buyers and sellers must appear at the Land Registry at the agreed time.


Cost of Obtaining the Turkish Title Deed

Certain expenses related to title deed transfers are involved when buying or selling real estate in Turkey.

  • The Turkish title deed transfer fee, often known as stamp duty tax, is 4% of the purchase price.
  • When the title deed transfer or exchange is accomplished at the time of sale or purchase, this duty tax is due. In most cases, the seller specifies the sale price, and the buyer pays the commission.

How Long does it Take to Get the Title Deed in Turkey?

The Tapu title deed transfer is completed within 3-5 days; the payments to the Tapu Office must be made by the buyer on the last day of the process.


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