10 Great Places To Visit In Istanbul During The Ramadan Feast (EİD)

Ramadan Feast is a special time when being together with our loved ones, spirituality and joy prevail. Istanbul is home to many places that will allow you to have unforgettable experiences on these special days with its historical and cultural richness. In this article, we have compiled the 10 most beautiful places in Istanbul that you can visit during the holiday and have a pleasant time with your children.

Here Is The List

1- Vialand

2- Rahmi M. Koç Museum

3- Istanbul Museum of Illusions

4- KidZania

5- Motivation Museum

6- Forestanbul

7- Ortaköy

8- Moda Beach

9- Hagia Sophia

10- Fatih Mosque


1. Vialand

Vialand, the largest theme park and entertainment center of Istanbul, is a large game complex where children can throw their energy and enjoy the holiday. There are many toys and activities in the area.

Why should it be preferred? It can be preferred by families who want to have a good time with their children with their fun-filled activities and keep their inner child alive.

Entrance fee: 249 ₺


2. Rahmi M. Koç Museum

This museum, which is a wide source of information about transportation, industry, and communication history, is one of the holiday destinations where children can have fun and expand their knowledge.

Why should it be preferred? It should be at the forefront of families who want their children to learn about history and technology by experiencing.

Entrance fee: Full 120 ₺

Student: 60 ₺

Is it open on holidays? Open on the eve of the holidays and except on the first day.

Opening hours: Monday Except 10.00-17.00


3. Istanbul Museum of Illusions

Full of eye-catching illusions and optical illusions, this museum offers a fun and surprising festive holiday experience for children.

Why choose: It is one of the addresses that all families who want to have fun with their children should visit.

Entrance fee: Full 130 ₺

Child: 80 ₺


4. KidZania

I can say that this entertainment center, where children can experience professions and learn by having fun, is a home area that every little one dreams of. Located in Akasya Shopping Mall, KidZania is a cute place that the famous writer Ayşe Erbulak manages fondly.

Why should it be preferred? If you want my child to have fun and learn about life by playing house, you can think of this place.

Entrance fee: Full 150 ₺

Child: 495 ₺


5. Motivation Museum

The Motivation Museum, where there are different eye illusions, fun illusions and activities that stimulate the imagination, is perfect not only for little ones, but also for adults who want to have fun and get a little motivated by experiencing new things.

Why choose: It is suitable for everyone from 7 to 70 who wants to capture beautiful frames in the neon led ball pool and experience virtual reality.

Entrance fee: Full 129 ₺

Child and student: 99 ₺


6. Forestanbul

In this park, which is intertwined with nature, children can experience exciting and adventurous activities.

Why should it be preferred? I don’t want to be trapped with closed moments on the feast day with my children, I want to be in nature, but if you say that entertainment is the biggest criterion for us, you will undoubtedly love this place.

Entrance fee: 40-150 ₺ (depending on the activity)


7. Ortaköy

Ortaköy is a central place where you can eat delicious kumpir and waffle with the view of the Bosphorus and take beautiful photos at the same time. At Ortaköy Mosque, you can experience the spiritual spirit of the Ramadan Feast to the marrow and spend a peaceful holiday in one of the most nostalgic districts of Istanbul.

Why should it be preferred? If you want to enjoy both the beautiful Istanbul Street flavors and get a nice holiday atmosphere on this beach between Beşiktaş and Sarıyer, at the feet of the bridge, for you.


8. Moda Beach

I will take the Bosphorus air by the sea again, but if you want to stay on the Anatolian Side this time, I recommend this coastline in Üsküdar.

Why should it be preferred? In a romantic and peaceful setting, you can choose from countless beautiful cafes and restaurants or have a festive picnic on the beach.


9. Hagia Sophia

If you say that I am planning a Ramadan Feast with plenty of spirituality, there is no doubt that Hagia Sophia, which has witnessed many civilizations for centuries, is waiting for you. Hagia Sophia, which now serves as a mosque, is also open to visitors.

Why should it be preferred? Hagia Sophia, the most ancient and historical place of Istanbul, and its surroundings are places where you can experience the spirit of Ramadan and Eid. There is the Blue Mosque, the Basilica Cistern, and countless places nearby.


10. Fatih Mosque

Fatih Mosque, one of the most important mosques of the Ottoman Empire, is in Fatih, one of the districts where you can live the most beautiful Ramadan Feast with a peaceful and spiritual atmosphere. So much so that it is possible to feel the spirit of old Istanbul in historical places such as Eminönü and the Grand Bazaar and the Egyptian Bazaar near the mosque.

Why should it be preferred? It is one of the most spiritualistic places that can be preferred especially for Ramadan Feast prayer.


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